She’s a native of Saudi Arabia, raised in a conservative Muslim home. But Nouf, who prefers not to say her last name for security reasons, has lost nearly everything she holds dear, because she converted to Christianity. She lost custody of her two sons, her wealthy family has disowned her, and she’s barely making ends meet. But she is also risking losing her life. In Saudi Arabia, converting from Islam is not only illegal, it is deserving of a death sentence. Still, Nouf counts herself lucky and blessed, because she is free here in America to live out her faith, and now wants to fight for other countless women she says are suffering in silence, fearing for their lives because they’ve converted from Islam to another religion. Nouf’s story is one of intrigue as she confronted the Saudi government; betrayal, because she battled her own family under threat of death. According to the founders of Unchartered Ministries, she is one of a growing number of women from Muslim majority countries who have converted to Christianity or other religions, either online or from underground missionary work. But Nouf says because she comes from a prominent family in Saudi Arabia, she can make a tremendous impact by speaking out, which she is eager to do in order to help other women who may think there’s no one who shares their fate. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith, meet the woman who risked everything for the sake of Jesus Christ.