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On today's Guy Benson Show, Janice Dean, Senior Meteorologist for FNC & NY Times bestselling author spoke about the new bombshell report from the New York Post, alleging a top aid to Governor Andrew Cuomo admitted to withholding data over the total amount of deaths in nursing homes due to covid.

Janice Dean responded to the bombshell New York Post report saying,

"I feel like the doors opened a little bit more. Remember, we talked after the AG's report. Letitia James, who a Democrat and obviously was endorsed by Cuomo to be the attorney general, and she set upon doing her own investigation of this governor and getting us some of the total the final tally of how many seniors died getting covered in their elder care facilities. So I thought that was a piece of good news. And now to hear that there is a very brave Democratic lawmaker who has leaked the conversation from Melissa DeRosa, the secretary, to Governor Cuomo, who basically went in and apologized to the Democratic senators for keeping them in the dark all of this time about the fact that they've been covering up the numbers. Yes, there is some satisfaction in that. But I think we truly need to get to the bottom of it. And to do so, we need an investigation."