On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor Karl Rove explained why anyone who believes in QAnon and other conspiracy theories need to be out of the GOP and their leadership positions.

“I believe in our leaders, whether it is Kevin McCarthy or Liz Cheney or Steve Scalise. But I do think we have a problem with these QAnon nuts. To believe that you’re taking direction from an unknown anonymous official who posts ‘Q-drops’ on the Internet for you to listen to, who is supposedly a high ranking national security official with a heretofore unknown high level security clearance, Q-clearance, and that you’re taking on an international consortium that consist of most major political, business, and academic leaders who are engaged in a worldwide sex trafficking, pedophile ring and that the Jews have space lasers that are starting fires in Northern California in order to to make a bunch of money in the insurance market. That’s just lunacy. In the 1950s, we had the Birchers. And Bill Buckley was right that they tarnished the conservative movement and made it impossible for us to grow. And these nuts, these QAnon nuts, who just are stuck in these weird conspiracies that the major figures in America are not only pedophiles, but they’re Satan worshipers. And literally, what got it for me was, there are space lasers that started those fires in Northern California and the Jews, the Rothschilds control them. I mean, what kind of lunacy? We better get those people out of our party and out of positions of leadership in our party. Otherwise, we’re going to be responsible for every nutty, stupid thing they say and believe and act upon. It was not an accident that a lot of those people who rioted at the Capitol and did violence in the heart of our democracy were Q-supporters.”