In just his first few hours in office, President Biden signaled he will create a stark change in immigration policy. Besides signing a series of executive orders that reverse some of President Trump’s most emblematic and controversial policies, the Biden administration released an outline of a sweeping immigration reform bill that includes a path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants. Some Republicans were quick to criticize President Biden’s actions, calling them “amnesty.” FOX News Correspondent Gillian Turner breaks down the Biden immigration policies, their motivation and whether there is any appetite in Congress to pass immigration legislation.

Beyond a bold immigration plan, President Biden will need Congress to help him pass some of the big items on his agenda. Chris Wallace, host of FOX News Sunday, discusses what he thought of President Biden’s plan for his first 100 Days, the likelihood he can get any of his ideas through Congress and whether his pleas for unity will have an impact.

Plus, commentary by former White House speechwriter & Fox News Contributor Marc Thiessen.