Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in as President and Vice President of the U.S. on Wednesday. The theme of President Biden’s inauguration was “America United” despite the country’s deep division. Former White House press secretary to former President George W. Bush and FOX News Contributor Ari Fleischer and former consultant to the Obama campaign, Marjorie Clifton weigh in on the Inauguration, President Biden’s push for unity and what to expect from the Biden administration.

President Biden takes office having Congress on his side. However, because of slim majorities in the both the House and the Senate, Democrats may still need the help of Republicans if they want anything to pass. Congresswoman Stephanie Bice is one of the new Republican House members who flipped her district red last November. Rep. Bice of Oklahoma’s 5th congressional district, discusses where she thinks her party can find common ground with President Biden. She also weighs in on President Trump’s impeachment and why Republicans like her challenged the presidential election results.

Plus, commentary by FOX News Political Analyst and co-host of The Five, Juan Williams.