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On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox And Friends Weekend Co-Host Pete Hegseth talked about how the left will use President Biden's victory to continue try to take over cultural institutions as well as in politics.

"They see they may have won the political sphere, but they're fighting a much longer and larger fight. Joe Biden's in the White House, but they've always been focused on cultural institutions and the other levels of power. The political is the final consolidation of it, but they just continue sort of the long, long view, authoritarian take. You heard of O'Sullivan's first law, he's a writer for National Review. Any institutions that's not decided the right of center will eventually, over time, become left of center is basically the principle. And you see that playing out in every single quarter of our culture. And so now that they've got the political realm, they have the cover to to go the full cancelation route. But it's not out of fear. It's just a fast forward of control because they want to consolidate their ability to win political elections as well in the future, which is why, of course, there'll be no bipartisan work on securing the elections or Election Day or the ballot box, because that would be anathema to what they represent."