As of January 20th, Pastor Brian Gibson, a Kentucky mega church founder, was still in hiding and moving multiple times a day under protection from former Special Forces agents because of numerous death threats. It’s all because months ago at a Trump rally in Arizona, he had a photo taken with a man in Viking horns who ended up being arrested and becoming ‘the face’ of those who stormed the Capitol. On January 5th, Gibson prayed with Trump supporters in Washington, DC. The next day he listened to Trump give his speech. Then he returned to his hotel. From there he learned what everyone else saw unfold, as Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. But Gibson was never there. However, social media married the Arizona photo and the Capitol photo of “The Viking,” and now, the pastor who fought for religious freedom during the coronavirus shutdown, is fighting to keep his family safe. But beyond that, now some faith leaders worry that the mere association of being a conservative Evangelical will be reason enough to put you on a watch list. Media have called the attack, a Christian uprising. An article in The Dispatch that “a violent Christian insurrection.” The Atlantic also called the riots a “Christian Insurrection,” while Religion News Service reported that rioters were “Christian Nationalists.” Patheos, meanwhile, has claimed riots were the work of “White Christian Nationalists.” The Gospel of Jesus Christ belongs to no one race, country or creed. But Gibson sees that the Cancel Culture is like a dog with a bone. It won’t let go. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Pastor Gibson talks about what happened to him, and the mood that’s growing in the country that has made secular humanism the default religion of the nation.