Just over a year after China reported its' first known death, coronavirus continues to spread around the world.

Last spring, Dr. Drew Pinsky, a board certified internist, TV host and podcaster, took heat for comments some critics said downplayed the virus. The well-known celebrity doctor later apologized.

Then, back in December, Dr. Drew Pinsky announced he had contracted the virus and was dealing with some of its more severe symptoms.

Earlier this week on the FOX NEWS Rundown, Dr. Drew Pinsky joined host Dave Anthony to discuss his concerns over the vaccine rollout, his own battle with the coronavirus and to address critics who mocked his diagnosis.

He also weighed in lockdown policies and how his home state of California was dealing with the outbreak.

The conversation was too long and we could no include all of it in our original segment. On the FOX NEWS Rundown Extra you will hear more of Dr. Drew's take on our country's virus response, his critics and why he still optimistic that America will get through this health crisis soon.