Gianno Caldwell: Biden Administration Policies “Are Going To Be Scary For Many Americans”

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor Gianno Caldwell talked about how the GOP can win back the House and the Presidency.

“We got to win back the House in 2024 and we know the policies that are going to come out of the Biden administration are probably going to be so scary for so many Americans that they’re going to say, forget it, I’ll support Republicans. But Republicans got to get tough when it comes to mail -n balloting. They got to get tough when you’re talking about verification. The Democrats saw what a success it was to do ballot harvesting and they’re going to try to continue and they’re going to try to do it at the federal level by pushing policy throughout all 50 states and territories. So Republicans need to get tough and find a backbone because they’ve not found one in a while. And it’s so unfortunate. But we have to do something because we’ve got to get back to the former glory years where we as a country could say things without being canceled.”