After months of campaigning in Georgia, the January 5th Senate runoff elections are just one day away. The Republican incumbent candidates, Senator David Perdue and Senator Kelly Loeffler, are set to defend their seats against Democratic newcomers Jon Ossoff and Reverend Ralphael Warnock. Former two-term Governor of Georgia Sonny Perdue, Senator Purdue’s cousin, joins to explain what is at stake the Georgia runoffs, his confidence in the integrity of the Georgia election system, which candidates he believes resonate best with Georgia voters and his experience as a former Democrat watching the Democratic party change in recent years.
The 117th United States Congress is sworn in. It wasn’t the usual crowded room with family and friends. It was done in groups with new members, allowing one guest to keep the capacity down during the coronavirus pandemic. Democrats will keep control of the House but we don’t know what party will control the Senate. Republicans hold on if one or both of their candidates win runoff elections in Georgia, Democrats effectively take over the Senate with two wins in Georgia. The split between the parties would be 50/50, with Kamala Harris breaking ties when she’s sworn in as Vice President. Either way, an early order of business could be even more coronavirus financial relief. Fox News Radio Capitol Hill correspondent Jared Halpern discusses the 117th United States Congress, how the Georgia election can make or break the Biden Administration and what President Trump’s biggest victory was.
Plus, commentary by Kat Timpf, co-host of the “Tyrus and Timpf” podcast.