Freedom of religion and freedom of speech are having a hard time pushing back against the Cancel Culture these days. Aided by social media behemoths like Google and Twitter, the Cancel Culture has become the new way to keep certain voices from being heard in the public square. In all its vagaries and impulses, it is essentially an alternative religion. It stands up as the voice of objective morality and truth but is itself subject to the political winds of group think. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Dr. Jeff Myers, president of Summit Ministries, talks about how he works with 16-to-25-year old's, teaching them to live out their lives in defense of a biblical world view. The bottom line for him, is that the Cancel Culture is not just differences of opinions in a heated clash, no, this spirit of evil says emphatically, "You don't have a right to think that way if it offends me. Therefore, your voice must be silenced. It must not be heard."  And Myer says, although the Cancel Culture is known to go after many different positions, religious voices are the most maligned and most attacked.