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On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, White House Deputy Press Secretary Brian Morgenstern explains why Operation Warp Speed has bee a huge success for President Trump, culminating with Vice President Pence getting his own shot of a COVID vaccination.

"We've been proven right at virtually every turn. The President's predictions are coming true and now they're grasping for a negative narrative to pin on the President now. And this is such a success, such a miracle that his leadership has led to, why isn't he taking more of a victory lap, which if that's the place you're in that's a pretty good place to be. The President really did pull off something very special and it's going to help us in this pandemic. And it's because he brought in experts in the private sector, the scientific community, maybe the world's leading expert on vaccines with Dr. Slaoui, great American companies like CVS, Walgreens, FedEx, UPS to pull off really something that people thought couldn't possibly happen. And he made it happen. It's a really a special moment for the country."