Dave Rubin On California’s Mass Exodus

Dave Rubin, Host of the popular long form talk show The Rubin Report & author of DON’T BURN THIS BOOK: Thinking for Yourself in an Age of Unreason spoke with Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson about Los Angeles’s crushing covid lockdowns. Saying,

“One of the things, though, that I do find is very strange about California is that there seems to be a complete disconnect between people’s voting habits and them understanding that the policies that they vote to put in place are the very things destroying their lives. So if you talk to anyone, I mean, almost anyone in Los Angeles right now, everybody thinks that Eric Garcetti, our mayor, is a complete maniac. Everybody thinks that Gavin Newsom, who’s our governor, who is the mayor previously of San Francisco and destroyed that city, everyone thinks that this is an overreaching lunatic. I mean, we’ve really reached a point where everyone is saying, well, OK, these people are horrible. But the final step where they have to go, oh, wait a minute, maybe it’s that I voted these people in the reason I keep voting these people. So they have a tough time looking in the mirror. But I do think people are waking up and, you know, as we’re we’re under these crushing lockdowns right now. I mean, I’m sitting on in my bedroom right now. It’s about 80 degrees and beautiful in L.A., about 75, 80 degrees. There is no reason people cannot be eating outdoors. And instead, we’ve just decided, not decided. We’ve allowed these authoritarians to destroy businesses while, you know, they can live in their mansions. And I think the average person has had it.

Rubin also weighed in on why so many tech companies and fellow political commentators are fleeing the state of California in droves. Rubin said,

“If all of the people flee states and move across state lines, because that’s the only place that they can live that, you know, is in cahoots with their with their whatever their lifestyle is or ideology or whatever you want to call it, then ultimately the American experiment will really have failed, that we will not be the United States of America anymore. And I was talking to Michael Knowles about and we said, OK, we’ll stay and fight. About two days later, the Daily Wire announced they’re moving to Nashville. Knowles is gone. And I’m here. And I just heard that. I just heard. So basically we’ve got, We got Dennis Prager. We got Larry Elder. And I thought we had Adam Carolla. But I just heard literally about an hour ago that he’s moving to Houston. So, look, you know, I’m a fighter. I believe we can we can get rid of Newsome with a recall and maybe we can reverse some things. And maybe maybe people will wake up to the nightmare scenarios that progressives bring to these cities.”

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