Katie Pavlich, Editor for Townhall.com & Fox News Contributor spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the Georgia senate runoffs and hypocritical government officials who violate own COVID restrictions. Saying,

"There's a lot of different avenues to go down here. First, I'll start with the backlash. Right. I think, you know, these health officials who were dining at the French Laundry with Governor Newsome, right in an enclosed space, they've lost all credibility, these government officials who swear that they're doing this for the health of their community and their constituencies have lost credibility. And it just brings up a couple of different questions. The first is, you know, if they don't believe what they're saying in terms of these restrictions and following them, then why should people who are really suffering from making these sacrifices over the past nine months continue to follow rules that their so-called leadership doesn't even believe in? And then that jumps to the question of, well, they're either overstepping their bounds with these restrictions, which they don't think works, or they're violating them anyway. Or, you know, people tend to think that the disease isn't that serious because. Well, why would it be if all these leaders are just breaking all the rules and not taking it seriously and it leads to you know bad places. And, you know, the government has completely overstepped in places like New York. They're arresting business owners for, quote, trespassing in their own property. And when they're demanding, you know, many business owners are asking like, hey, could you give us some evidence about why it's justified to shut down my restaurant when you've given me no data or scientific based argument about why that should be the case."

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