It's not about reinventing yourself, because you already have within you all the gifts and talents you need. What you need is faith to develop them, nurture them, and watch them grow. That is the message of Kathie Lee Gifford: talk show host, singer, composer, actress, author, and theologian. She is a one-woman whirlwind of possibilities and accomplishments. But it's her life-long faith in Jesus Christ that stands out as the real fuel igniting her boundless energy. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, the iconic, Kathie Lee talks about her just-released book, "It's Never Too Late," and the next phase of her life: after Regis, after Frank, after NBC and so on. Now living in Nashville, she reflects on the great times in her life and also the moments of darkness, but the light is always with her. And she has advice on how even when life seems over, you can begin again and thrive!