Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) spoke with Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson about the Trump campaign’s claims of massive voter fraud conspiracies & unfounded assertions that Trump won. Calling the unsubstantiated claims,

“Really detrimental to our democracy.”

The Congressman also said,

“Yeah, so I’m worried. And and, look, I voted for the president. I wanted the president to win. And he had a good night in terms of the number of votes, but he was outperformed. And there were a lot of people, I think, in the post that you’ll see the postmortem that voted for Biden and then voted Republican down ticket. And it’s not totally unheard of. And so where I get really concerned guy, and I hope people, you know, kind of step out for a moment of their preconceived hopes and dreams and wishes and and look at where we are, where we are. Despite all evidence, we are making a declaration that Trump is president and there has been no real proof. You’re always going to find areas of voter fraud. Trust me, I’m from Illinois. It exists and it should be prosecuted, but not to the extent that doesn’t make Donald Trump president. You know, we have said I’ve said the president has every legal right and actually responsibility to pursue legitimate legal challenges. But when a president starts tweeting, things are rigged, things are stolen. I won. What you see You know, don’t trust your lying eyes. That is really detrimental to our democracy in the long term. And it’s detrimental to our party, because no matter even if somehow Trump ends up in another four years and he’s not going to, what does this do to the credibility of Republicans when we need to talk about very important things or what happens when there’s a Democratic president that says he’s not leaving despite losing an election? Do we have the moral authority to be outraged? It’s a real concern. And I voted for the president. But this is now kind of, in my mind, far beyond just my, you know, wishes for who was president.”

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