He used to hustle his way through life. Had his first drink at 8 years of age and it was downhill from there for the next decade and a half. Jim Wahlberg is not nearly as famous as his actor brothers, Mark Wahlberg (Boogie Nights, Deepwater Horizon) and Donnie Wahlberg (Blue Bloods), but he is just as driven. And his zeal has taken him from the very depths of life’s darkest moments in jail, to the heights of the light of faith. The Boston native is one of nine children of an Irish Catholic family; but didn’t know what real faith in Jesus Christ meant until he met a priest while in prison. Jim thought he could con the priest, turns out the priest conned him. In this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Wahlberg talks about his new book, “The Big Hustle,” and his path from drugs and jail to his work now as a filmmaker, writing and producing short films about drug addiction and how faith in God is truly the only way to a drug-free life.