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On Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla, Fox Nation host and country music superstar John Rich said that while President Trump has done his job and deserves another four years in office, he will probably have to exit American politics at some point.

"John Adams said the only people who should be in politics are people who hate politics, meaning he was advocating for citizen government. People in our society that are really, really good at a particular thing and they can be of service to the country for a short period of time and then exit. You know, you look at Donald Trump. Successful business guy, entrepreneur, American dreamchaser, left this multibillion dollar empire to come have the snot kicked out of him for four years. And I personally believe it's going to be another four years after some things come out. But he stepped in as a citizen, not a politician, to be the President of the United States and bring his expertise to the table. Now you see deals being made, the USMCA, what we've done with China, all the things that he understood were bad for business for the United States. He went in and changed them and he's got to exit the stage at some point and he did his job. I think that goes back to the founding principles of our country and more people should do that.