Jessica Tarlov, Fox News Contributor spoke with Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson about the possibility of a Covid-19 lockdown. Fears mount of a second virus wave as the holidays approach. Tarlov said,

“A two part component. The first is that there are places in the country now that are experiencing what we already have. I know I’m counting as a D.C. resident for this. And you’ve been through lockdown. I’ve been through lockdown. But there are parts of the country that have not yet done it to the levels that we did. And you’re seeing, you know, positivity rate. I think it was South Dakota like sixty eight point seven percent or something absolutely wild like that. And, you know, those people who live there, I think are more libertarian minded, I should say, than folks that live where we live who will generally do what they’re told by government. So I think that’s one aspect of what’s going on. The second aspect is the enforceability of all of this. And and I’ve been seeing a lot of interviews with police officers who are saying, look, we’re absolutely not coming in to, like, arrest covid grandma.”

Listen To The Full (Web Exclusive) Interview Below: