Theodore McCarrick was one of the most powerful priests in American Catholicism, rising to the rank of Cardinal and Archbishop of Washington, D.C. But now in the wake of the Vatican’s two-year investigation into his sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable Seminarians, it’s clear that this darling of the Church was really a demon. He was a ‘predator and pathological liar”, to quote eminent scholar George Weigel. But what’s also clear from the report, is that McCarrick did not rise in a vacuum. He had help, unwitting partners in his quest for prestige and position. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Dr. Matthew Bunson, executive editor or EWTN News, dissects the Vatican report and unravels the painful truths about how McCarrick’s charm and good nature, masked a more sinister, and really sinful part of his personality. But now that McCarrick’s deadly deeds have been exposed, what now for the Catholic Church? How do bishops move forward? Bunson breaks it all down, as well as wraps up a post-election analysis on the second Catholic ever elected President of the United States; but one who is advancing agendas that are against Church teachings.