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On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor Jessica Tarlov talked about who she thinks will be in the Biden-Harris Cabinet, and if the new administration can gets things done with a Republican Senate.

"I think it is more in Joe Biden's nature and the unity campaign that he ran to have to work with Republicans? Absolutely. I feel like Joe Biden's campaign kicked off when he eulogized John McCain. That was the moment where he came back into national consciousness. There people were looking up and saying guy gets it right. Like this is an era of calmity that we loved. And he ran with that through the whole primary and successfully through the general election. So in that sense, I give it a half-blessing for Biden. And I think it takes it does take pressure off because what is the far left going to say to him? You know, we want this. We want that. Don't say, OK, go get me the vote. Like if you want to be X, Y and Z roles, show me where the votes are coming from, because they're not coming from Ted Cruz, they're not coming from Josh Hawley or Mitch McConnell."