Jenna Ellis: Democrats Are “The Party Of Manipulating The Rules”

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Trump 2020 Senior Legal Adviser Jenna Ellis explained why the Trump campaign is not asking to count all the votes in the states they are filing lawsuits, but to count the legal ballots in each state.

“It should be count every legal vote, because what the Democrats want is to count all of the ballots, the duplicative ballots, the delayed ballots. Remember when cats and dogs were receiving ballots, the dead people are receiving ballots. They want all of those ballots to count as well. So it’s not about counting every vote. It’s counting every legal vote. And in order to do that, we have to have transparency in the counting process. And we also have to make sure that the count is done fairly and accurately. And that’s why we are filing the Trump campaign lawsuit to preserve election integrity and make sure that this country is still a country of free and fair elections.

“This is not just about going out and making all kinds of legal challenges because, this is about making sure that our process is done according to the law. And it’s shocking that Democrats don’t want the process to be followed, they’re the party of manipulating the rules, of completely throwing out the rule book just to get the outcome they prefer. That’s not what President Trump is all about. That’s not what the campaign is all about. We are making sure that every legal vote counts and that’s what elections are for, is leaving that up to the American people and every legal vote should count.”