Alyssa Farah: PA Officials Trying To “Put Their Thumb On The Scale” On Election Day

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, White House Director of Communications Alyssa Farah talks about the Trump campaign is planning on legally challenging the vote count in Pennsylvania after comments made by the PA Attorney General.

“We’ve been really concerned with some of those early comments from the Attorney General. The campaign’s got a team there, a legal team ready on the ground to make sure that votes are accurately counted and that we’re adhering to the laws within the state. But it’s always concerning when those who are tasked with objectively carrying, executing an election, really seem to be putting their thumb on the scale one direction or the other. But I can tell you this. We love Pennsylvania. We have been fighting for votes in Pennsylvania. The president’s got a tremendous record on energy. You’ve got the Democrats, who on every side of it, they’re for or against fracking and then supporting the ludicrous Green New Deal that would just crush Pennsylvania jobs. But you know what? There’s a lot of parts to victory for the President as well. So we hope we win Pennsylvania. It would be an honor. But there’s other routes as well.”