Guy Benson On The Rush For Same Sex Couples To Wed Over Fears Of Supreme Court’s Rightward Tilt

Guy Benson Of Fox News Radio gave a passionate monologue over the new rush by same sex couples to get married over fears of the Supreme Court’s rightward tilt. Guy said,

“In my opinion, and I think it’s. Underpinned by facts and reasonable critical thinking. In my opinion, I think the LGBTQ activist left wing community really does its own. Broader community, a disservice with this type of fear mongering. Right. When you tell people constantly in e-mail blasts and fundraising. Appeals in that kind of thing, that same sex marriage could disappear. All of these rights for gay people could disappear if this person gets on the court short of this hysterical sky is falling doomsdaying.”

Guy also said,

“I just I wanted to talk about this story because I saw the NBC headline than I heard from my own friend about a family member doing this. I’m like, you know, I am I am fine with some people in the LGBTQ community being concerned about the future of certain things with the Supreme Court and how certain cases might turn out. And I can understand some trepidation even about Obergfell, but just the way our system works. And getting from point A to point B, it’s not going to happen anytime soon if it happens at all, which I think is again extremely unlikely for the reasons that I’ve explained. And I know maybe it’s it’s not the message that aligns with what some people who are addicted to outrage and fear mongering, what they want to hear. Maybe they’ll be angry at me for being an apologist or self-loathing. I’ve heard it all. What I try to do on this show is tell you the truth as I see it. I have skin in the game on this issue. Obviously. As a gay man who’s married. I wouldn’t be spinning this. If I didn’t believe it. So that’s why I wanted to just take a few minutes here on the platform that I have and say.”

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