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On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox Business Anchor Lou Dobbs talks about how Tony Bobulinski's interview with Tucker Carlson shows Joe Biden has been "compromised," and why the American people should care more about what he says.

"I awakened this morning to newspapers that are not carrying the story of the Biden corruption, the evidence and the facts that support Tony Bobulinski's story, that the man who's telling the straight up truth. And meanwhile, left wing media is a uniform wall of left wing solidarity, refusing to tell the American people what's going on. And the American people are obliging with seeming indifference to the story at all. It's truly a shocking moment in our history."

"I see nothing but kinetic, real and present danger to the republic because he is compromised, a billion and a half dollars in a fund run by his son. By the way, his son is not particularly qualified for any job that he's held except for perhaps being on the board of Amtrak because he traveled forty four thousand miles as a passenger on Amtrak, that was his honest to God reason for being qualified for the job. I think they're compromised in every way they could be, whether it be the salacious photos that have emerged from his partying or wherever it may be."

"I don't think we're at Rome yet. It's not a huge distance between where we are and that inflection point that fallen empires reach historically without fail at some point. It's disturbing to see the lack of interest in what is happening to this great country and only President Trump stands between us and sure failure as a nation."