It's a fight to the finish as President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden enter the final week of the 2020 presidential race. The President was campaigning in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania on Monday, hitting his opponent on fracking and his recent remarks from the last debate on the oil industry. Former Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA) contrasts the two campaigns, discusses the importance of Pennsylvania, breaks down Biden's debate remarks on oil and tells us if he thinks the Senate will flip blue this November.

We're just one week away from Election Day. Over 60 million people have already voted, which is close to half the total of all votes cast in 2016. And so far, President Trump is at a disadvantage in the states where registration data is available. 51% of ballots have been cast by Democrats and 31% by Republicans. Michael McDonald, a Professor at the University of Florida discusses the party differences in terms of how they vote, what mail-in ballots mean for the election and how the few states counting ballots after Election Day could determine the election.

Plus, commentary by Deroy Murdock, FOX News Contributor and Contributing Editor with National Review.