Marc Thiessen, columnist at The Washington Post and Fox News contributor spoke to Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about what President Trump has to do at final debate to win over reluctant voters. Thiessen said,

"So if you look at the recent polls, there's a Gallup poll that shows 56 percent of Americans think that if you say I'm better off now than I was four years ago under Obama, but that is a remarkable statistic when you consider that we are in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the worst pandemics since 1918, the worst social unrest since the 1960s. Still, that's a record W Bush didn't have those numbers. Barack Obama didn't have those numbers when they were seeking reelection. Ronald Reagan didn't have those numbers when it was Morning America. Right. And yet Real Clear Politics average, forty two point four percent today say they're going to vote for Donald Trump. So you've got about 14 percent of the electorate, 13 and a half percent of the electorate who say, yeah, Trump's policies have made my life better, but now I'm not going to give him four more years. Those are winnable voters. Those are voters, not all of them, but a significant number of them that he can bring over. So what does he need to do to bring those people over? He needs to not yell at Joe Biden. You're a criminal. He needs to not interrupt. He needs to. You know do all the things that have pushed those voters away that they don't like about him. He needs to try and woo them over. And so if he goes into the debate tomorrow night yelling at Joe Biden, you're a criminal, you know, hunter, hunter, hunter, hunter, and attacking him. That's going to drive those those reluctant Trump voters in the other direction. And so I think he needs to realize that his strategy now. His closing arguments in this campaign is not hunter biden, his closing argument is you love the free pandemic economy. I'm going to bring it back. Joe Biden will destroy it with higher taxes and socialist spending. That's his closing argument. And he should be making it every day between now and Election Day."

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