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On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Special Assistant To The President Ben Williamson talked about how the Department of Justice & the FBI concurring on the evidence in a potential Hunter Biden investigation could lead to more answers about Joe Biden's involvement with his son's business dealings.

"It was a big, big step in that direction when the FBI and DOJ concurred with Director Radcliffe's opinion. Obviously, you had Democrats over the weekend, including our favorite Chairman Schiff, making the sort of preliminary allegation that this was Russian disinformation, as they so often like to do with anything that is inconvenient to the Democrat Party. But we're slowly starting to see more and more evidence, as we usually do, come out that's not the case, that this is a real legit concern. The DOJ is looking at it and hopefully we'll see more relevant information come out in the coming days. But it's certainly something that Americans care about that I know many of them take seriously. And we need to get to the bottom of it one way or the other."