Dana Perino, Host of The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino 2pm ET on FNC, Co-host The Five spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the Presidential Debate Commission saying it will mute the candidate's microphones at the final debate. Perino said,

"I think it actually could help both candidates be able to clearly articulate whatever it is that they want to say, just at the top of each one of those subject areas. So I think it could play to both of their strengths. And I don't I think I wouldn't complain too much about that particular one. Now, if they were able to mute during somebodies answers or the back and forth. Yeah, I would complain, but I think it's a play to both of their strengths. And I also think that citizens who are tuning in, You know, if you watched the last debate, you might think it's not worth it to turn into this one because you couldn't hear anything. But knowing that there might be this, knowing that there's this change, perhaps that would encourage people to just give it another chance."

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