There was a lot of focus on the Supreme Court and the Constitution this week as Amy Coney Barrett took questions during her confirmation hearing.

Judge Douglas Ginsburg, a Senior Circuit Judge on the United States Court of Appeals, wishes it didn’t require a Supreme Court vacancy and a political fight for Americans to take an interest in an understanding of how our government works.

Judge Ginsburg, who was a Supreme Court nominee under the Ronald Reagan, joined host Dave Anthony this week to discuss his opinion on some of the current political battles including the debate over packing the court (he is against it). He also shared his concerns with the lack of education taught in schools regarding the court and our Constitution.

Our original conversation was too long and we only aired a portion of our interview with Judge Douglas Ginsburg. On The FOX NEWS Rundown Extra you get a chance to hear everything the constitutional law expert had to say and learn more about our history and how our government is supposed to function.