Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) spoke with Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson about Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings that took place this week in Washington D.C. Senator Blackburn said,

“I think that they saw was that left the liberals and the left, the women of the left, their attack machine really tuned up against Judge Barrett. And they wanted to question her faith. They wanted to question her lifestyle. They wanted to question her having seven children, wanted to have the adoptions investigated, and then were curious as to how she could possibly have found time to work when she had seven children. To them this just seemed like something that would be an impossibility. I think that also they saw the condescension and the arrogance that comes from the left because they believe that you have to be a part of the Ivy League. If you’re going to be a judge, a federal judge or a justice on the Supreme Court, you cannot be from the heartland and achieve such great things. So what Amy Coney Barrett did was to prove them wrong on many counts.”

Senator Blackburn also said,

“One of the things I think they just do not appreciate is that conservative women are so maligned every single day of the week and they’re mocked and they’re ridiculed and they’re accustomed to hearing people say they are lesser than not equal to. So she was not fazed by this because unbeknownst to them, Is she’s accustomed to people who in their arrogance, think they can forego any type of diverse viewpoint and who choose intellectual isolation for no other reason than it is convenient to their thought process.”

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