“Has America reached its expiration date?” That is a question Dr. Alex McFarland asks in his new book, “The Assault on America: How to Defend Our Nation Before It’s Too Late.” It’s an alarm, and it’s coming from someone who normally isn’t prone to sounding them. McFarland is a genteel Southerner; a theologian, historian, national speaker, Radio host, and founder of Truth for A New Generation. He’s traveled the country extensively and sees disturbing trends assaulting America’s foundational values, the first of which is belief in God and adherence to God’s laws. McFarland is no prude. He came to faith after many years of youthful indulgence in booze and music, culminating in a drunken stupor and waking up in a dumpster. He speaks from whence he knows and lends his experiential knowledge to young people on campuses all over America, understanding the pressures they face and the indoctrination they have been subject to in public institutions. But now those students of liberalism are adults working in the world, voting, becoming elected officials, and America is changing because of it. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, McFarland talks about how life is a privilege, that the family is foundational to a strong America, and fealty to a loving God essential. He also talks about Article VI of the Constitution that says there should be no ‘religious test’ to hold office. Alex emphatically asserts that, “objective morality is not the same thing as religion.” Because, “the founders of the country and the thinkers from which they drew believed in something called natural law.” Self-evident truths that he says America has forgotten.