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On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Jody Hice discussed the importance of filling a Supreme Court vacancy quickly, especially with such a potentially contentious election on the horizon.

"They are doing their job by proceeding to fill the court. And particularly important as we're coming into an election is that everyone who has any degree of reality attached to their thought and their brain waves understands this upcoming election to be filled with with fraud. It's going to end up in the courts very likely. And you can't have an evenly divided court. We need to have the court filled and the President and the Senate are being responsible and filling that position."

"So it is absolute insanity that we are finding ourselves in a situation where potentially millions of ballots are going out to people with zero voter I.D., zero accountability. And this is not the way America votes. It's a frightening thing. If we lose the integrity of the voting box, we have lost the voice of the people that, above all things, must be protected."