Mollie Hemingway Senior Editor at The Federalist, Fox News Contributor & Co-Author of Justice on Trial spoke to Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson about the ongoing hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. Hemingway said that she don’t think either party has done a “Particularly Good Job” of letting the people hear directly from Amy Coney Barrett. Hemmingway said,

“Well, the best use of their time and I was actually impressed and surprised to see this Sheldon Whitehouse spent like, I think a half hour just going on a conspiracy theory. He had about dark money. He himself, of course, is funded by dark money and the groups that are funded by dark money. But he likes to bring up the fact that conservatives do this, too. And then the next Republican to speak was Ted Cruz, it was like he had perfectly predicted it was going to happen. And he just went through all of Whitehouse’s arguments and why they were why they were lacking in his view. That was a very effective use of time. But I would just like to say personally, when you have someone who’s up for a lifetime appointment, you should let that person speak. And I don’t think that either party has done a particularly good job of letting the people of America hear from Amy Coney Barrett about her judicial philosophy. I would like to hear more about that, less less of the gotcha questions or how would you rule on this? We know she’s not going to say. But just let her. I mean, she’s a she’s a constitutional law professor who now has many years as a federal judge. We could all. We can all just learn from talking to her or from hearing from her, regardless of whether you personally agree with her.”

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