This is the second of two podcasts on the Catholic Vote. The phrase "So goes the Catholic, so goes the election" has been tried and true for the last few decades. Since 1972 Catholics have picked the winner of the presidential election all but one time. The Catholic Vote Part I featured Brian Burch, President of, an organization working to re-elect Donald Trump. Part II's featured guest is John Carr, director of the Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life at Georgetown University. Even though Carr is pro-life he is supporting the Democratic nominee and former Vice President, Joe Biden for reasons that are much more nuanced than most would expect. He expressed that view on a story I did about the Catholic Vote for Fox News Channel's Special Report that aired October 2nd. As a consequence, he was lambasted with hate mail and phone calls. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, we talk about the reaction to his views and how they are examples of the divisiveness rampant in the country today. You may not agree with Carr's view, but like Arthur Brooks said at this year's National Prayer Breakfast, I will defend his right to say it. The discussion about respectful debate and discourse dovetails nicely into Pope Francis' newest encyclical, Fratelli Tutti (All Brothers). We are all part of the human race; we are all made in the image of God and as such deserve to be treated with dignity. This is a lesson for both sides of the political aisle. It's not a question of whether we're a Republican or Democrat, but whether we see God's hand at work in us all.