On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Deputy White House Press Secretary Brian Morgenstern fought back rumors that staff members at the White House were concerned after President Trump returned to the White House after his COVID diagnosis.

"The freak out stories are so silly. Nobody is freaking out. We are all continuing to work. So I don't know who they think is freaking out, but I'm not talking to any of them or seeing any of them or working with any of them. We are all very calmly and deliberately continuing our work, as is the president, by the way. I am half his age, he has ten times my energy. He is relentless, he is working hard. And he is getting back to his normal schedule. We're taking precautions here at the White House, as you would expect. We have great medical staff. We have the best operations staff. And they're making sure that we can do everything in a safe way. And the President's not going to have it any differently. He's got to get back to it. There are lots of reports that really have no relation to reality. And the one that the staff is freaking out is one of those. And the one that the president is going crazy is one of those. He is determined and raring to go and get get back to work. He can't wait to debate Joe Biden again, I can tell you that much. The docs will have him cleared and ready to go, I think as soon as humanly possible."