Steve Doocy, co-host of Fox & Friends & NY Times bestselling author out with his new book The Happy in a Hurry Cookbook: 100-Plus Fast and Easy New Recipes That Taste Like Home. Doocy explained why he and his wife started the 'Happy Cookbook' series saying,

"The idea behind the book in the first place was about five years ago. My wife and I were going to go down to Florida and she wanted to get some new sunglasses and we went to see our eye guy because she needed a new prescription. And he said, you know, Cathy, your prescription was the same, but on the back of your eye, you've got a little freckle. So I want you to come back in like six months. So we went back six months later and he said, you know, Cathy, that thing, that freckle thing is still there. So I'm going to send you to a specialist. We went next day to a specialist. And he looked at her and he said, Now I'm seeing that little freckle thing right there. Can you go to Philadelphia? And Cathy said, sure, when? And he said, right now, because as it turned out, she had eye cancer and it was a very rare and very aggressive form of it. And we went to Will's Eye Hospital in Philly and she had the greatest doctor for this kind of cancer. Help her out. And one night when she was being radiated in the middle of the night, she's just thinking, what if this doesn't work? What what what am I going to do about my children? Who's going to be there for them? And she realized, you know, something I need to do? I need to write down all my recipes because the kids are all together and our kids are all across the country now. They always ask for the food they grew up with. And if she wasn't there to make it, they would never have them again. So we started talking about how and and I need to point out, her cancer is now gone. Thank goodness. Everybody's got those kind of foods that remind them of growing up."

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