The phrase "So goes the Catholic, so goes the election" has been tried and true for the last few decades. Since 1976 Catholics have picked the winner of the presidential election all but one time. But this election has been hard to read. Experts will tell you, Catholics are not a monolithic. They are White, Hispanic, Black and Brown; Poor, wealthy, and middle class; all ages and sizes; and various intensities of beliefs in the faith's core values. Also, Catholics are not prone to voting for a Catholic just because he or she is Catholic. That could be bad news for Joe Biden. But Catholics are also very concerned about racism, care for the poor and the immigrant, and the perceived character of their leaders. That could be bad for Donald Trump. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Brian Burch, founder of will explain why he's campaigning to make sure President Trump gets a second term, and why he sees a Biden presidency as an existential threat to all that is dear to people of faith but particularly Catholics. This is Part One of a two-part podcast. Next week Part Two will continue with a pro-Biden Catholic.