On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, RNC National Spokesperson Liz Harrington criticized the Democrats and Joe Biden for trying to bring up white supremacy during the first Democratic debate.

"It's really dangerous. They're bringing this back to race after what they've pushed this entire summer, a hatred and division that has led to so many riots and mobs and just these Marxists intimidating everybody out in the street, accosting people. They need to lower the temperature. And now they're trying, based on a complete and total smear at President Trump, he's had nothing ever to do with this. And the even the question implies that he somehow does. And it's disgusting. And it's been cleared up a million times. He's been on the record a million times on this issue, but they're promoting it. They want people to be divided. They want people to be pitted against one another because they think it will help Biden get elected. And it's really gross."