Martha MacCallum, Host of "The Story" on Fox News Channel weeknights at 7pm ET spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and what is was like to anchor coverage when the news broke. MacCallum said,

"You know, it's Friday evening and the show is in the back half, as we say, and you at that point, you know, there's the feeling that things are wrapping up for the week and then kind of out of the blue, as you say. We got this news and I started, you know, getting information on it right away. And my first inclination in my discussions with the control room and our executive producer was let's let's make sure this is right. You know, because the last thing that, you know, there's always that tug and pull to get something on the air. But there's nothing more important, especially with something of that magnitude, than making sure that we are absolutely rock solid. Because, you know, there have been times when that story and similar stories have been misreported. So that was my my ultimate concern for the first several minutes. And then when we felt solid that we had it absolutely confirmed. We, you know, banged in with a breaking news alert and let our viewers know that this huge event had happened in the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And I think that the first the next step is to lay out the enormity and the legacy of this justice's life. She became sort of this contemporary hero among young people and in particular young women with the two, you know, accounts of her life won a major motion picture and the other a very well-known documentary, the notorious RBG, that made her so familiar, I think, and so admired by so many young people. So, you know, just pointing out her history, pointing out her life, pointing out her early days in Brooklyn and her commitment to her family and her faith and and also just I felt that it was important at that time to say, you know, after a few minutes of recognizing that that obviously we are 40 some days from an election and this is going to be a political earthquake and there will be time to talk about that more. But initially, we want to focus on her life. So we had a beautiful piece that Shannon Bream had done that we went directly to and play that out, which which just was so well done and so put together by Shannon. So we were grateful to have that. And then after that, you know, we did start to sort of broach the idea of what this means so close to an election day."

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