Fox News Radio's Guy Benson broke down The Political implications and ramifications of a vacant SCOTUS seat left open in an election year. During his show's opening monologue, Guy broke down the different political scenarios of filling the vacant SCOTUS seat left open by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Guy Said,

"Some of the people who might not like Trump and weren't going to vote for him or for the Republicans might look at this and say, OK, this is about much more than just him. Right. So I think that there are there are people who would like to see this be an active issue through the election with a vote after the election. But. Part of my thought is if you have a nominee and you have the votes now, do it. You have hearings. You have a vote and you get it done. If you've got the whip count, if McConnell knows he's got 50 votes at least. Then you do it. And yeah, if that means that, then a bunch of conservative voters say, hooray, we've won and maybe the turnout comes down a little bit, and that really infuriates the left and they turn out in a tidal wave and Republicans lose in the election, having already ceded the justice. That is a risk. But is that a bigger risk than waiting till after the election to have the vote. Because here's how I see it. Let's say we wait. Let's say the whole process plays out. There are hearings, etc. But the vote doesn't happen till after the election. What happens in the election? Well, let's say Donald Trump. Again, shocks the world, pulls an upset and wins. Then obviously the nominee gets confirmed. End of story. I also believe, let's say Joe Biden wins, but the Senate remains Republican. So the Republicans are able to hang onto their Senate majority. There is a strong case to be made under that scenario. Divided government is coming. Right now, you have a Republican president, a Republican Senate. Let's get that justice confirmed because it'll just be a morass. Nothing will get done under President Biden. I think you can. I think you can make the very strong case that confirmation could happen in a lame duck session if the Republicans maintain the Senate majority moving forward. But. If it is a bad election for the Republicans and Trump loses. And Chuck Schumer becomes majority leader. To have the American people deliver a sweeping verdict against Republicans and then try to put through a Supreme Court nomination. Of a conservative. After the election, having lost. I think the political will to do that will be significantly diminished. And I think it would actually harm the country. So that's a decision that has to be made. Do you make. Do you hold the vote before the election? If you've got the votes, I think the answer should be yes. If not, you roll the dice. The American people speak, there is two scenarios, there are two scenarios where I think you get a confirmation, but there is a. Third scenario, that is not unrealistic at all. Where the Republicans lose everything and you don't get a confirmation that you are, 0, for three. Presidency lost Senate loss. House already gone. Oh, and the Supreme Court vacancy goes to the Democrats 0 for three. Is that a risk that is worth taking? I'm not sure."

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