This week Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and the United States made it official. All signing the Abraham Accords - allowing for "normalization" between Israel and the UAE and Israel and Bahrain.

Even in these hyper-partisan times, President Donald Trump and his administration received nearly universal praise for securing the deal.

Buy what exactly paved the way for this week's signed peace agreement between Israel and two Arab countries and what do the Palestinians do now?

On Thursday's FOX News Rundown, host Jessica Rosenthal spoke with retired four-star Army General, the chairman of the Institute for the Study of War and Fox News Senior Strategic Analyst Jack Keane.

Gen. Keane shared his expertise about the region, its history and the complicated geopolitics behind the deal. He also explained what this could mean for peace in the Middle East and how the Obama Administration-era Iran nuclear deal helped Trump's White House negotiate a new path toward that goal.

The conversation was long and a lot of the very interesting backstory of this week's peace deal never made the original segment. On The FOX News Rundown Extra you will hear our entire conversation with FOX News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane and get a better understanding of the significance of what happened this week.