The election is just weeks away. And while the polls are tightening, President Donald Trump not only trails in the national polls, he is also behind in some key battleground states.

Earlier this week on The FOX News Rundown, host Dave Anthony caught up with Trump Campaign National Press Secretary Hogan Gidley to discuss their strategy going into the fall.

Gidley responded to some of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's attacks regarding the White House's response to the coronavirus and laid out the campaign's case for why a second term for President Trump would be better for our country's economy. They also discussed the historic peace deal recently made between Israel and two Arab states that the President help secure.

The conversation was long and we could only include a portion of the interview in our original segment. On The FOX News Rundown Extra you will hear more from Hogan Gidley and the campaign's take on the polls and biggest issues of the week.