Believing in the power of prayer means believing that America can be saved from the many sins that plague her and divide her; past, present, and future. The Pilgrims who first stepped onto the soil of the New World 400 years ago were faithful that God had brought them safe from England across treacherous waters and their only task was to glorify Him as they journeyed forth seeking the freedom to worship and live out their faith. Such is the spiritual roots of America. But many today, like Times Square Church Pastor Carter Conlon, believe America has drifted far from her original purpose, as well as her fealty to an Almighty that has blessed this land with abundance. So, Pastor Conlon is returning to Plymouth, Massachusetts, to where those pilgrims first prayed for guidance, to offer prayers once again to God, to have mercy on us and heal our wounded and divided land. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast Pastor Conlon talks about the Divine revelation that lead him to call for this Worldwide Prayer Meeting on October 6, 2020, and why he believes the coincidence that brought him first to Plymouth was nothing short of a miracle.