“I See No Way Around Not Voting For Donald Trump” Dave Rubin On Why He Feels Compelled To Vote For Trump And Not Third Party

Dave Rubin, Host of the The Rubin Report spoke with Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson about the 2020 race. Rubin a ‘classical liberal explained why he sees “No Way Around Not Voting For Donald Trump” this election cycle due to the take over of the democratic party from the radical left. Rubin said,

“I just think at this point that the radical left that has just taken over the Democratic Party and really wreaking havoc on our streets and finds a big government solution to a big government problem. I think they are such a threat that I don’t know that this year I can personally risk that third party vote. And I did it last time. I did vote for Gary Johnson last time. But at this point, I see no way around not voting for Donald Trump. And that’s a pretty odd thing for me to say about my political evolution. So it’s a strange thing for me to say. But that’s kind of where I’m at at the moment.”

Listen To The Full Interview Below: