On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Senior Trump 2020 Campaign Adviser Lara Trump criticized Joe Biden for playing "identity politics" by playing the song Despacito during a Latinos For Biden event.

"It's about as pandering as it gets, but this is standard for the Democrats. And you have to remember, Joe Biden is as Democrat as they get. This guy is so inundated in this whole party now that is a socialist Marxist party at this point. All they know is pandering. All they know are identity politics. So of course, he would have to play 'Despacito' because, of course, all Latino voters can resonate with that. I mean, how ridiculous and how desperate do they look? We did smoke him out of his basement. President Trump smoked him out. And he's doing what you see what you learn in kindergarten. It's called 'Follow the Leader.' Joe Biden is following Donald Trump and the Trump campaign everywhere that we've gone around this country because he knows that nobody wants to vote for him and that there is a literally zero enthusiasm, aside from maybe Jill Biden and Hunter Biden, who has to keep his pockets lined for a Joe Biden presidency."