On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Pastor Darrell Scott, who has written a book about his support for President Trump called Nothing To Lose, explained why President Trump has scored many achievements for minorities and women despite what Democrats have said him.

"The left didn't give the Black community, the Latino community or women any intellectual reasons to not support Donald Trump. It was emotional reasons they gave us. They told us blacks, 'He hates you, don't vote for him. He hates you.' They told Latinos, 'He hates you. Don't vote for him. He hates Latinos.' They told women, "He's a sexist. He's a misogynist. Don't don't vote for him.' And then you see, it's been anything other than that. Now, white men were given intellectual reasons not to vote for him. But blacks, Hispanics, women, we were given emotional reasons. But one thing about emotions, emotions wear off and intellect kicks it. And we were able to see that it was all a facade. And they're still doing it now, and the left, they're still playing the same game now, trying to give everybody emotional reasons, at least when I say everybody, I'm talking about the minorities and the women, not to support Donald Trump, because if they approach this administration intellectually, they will see that it's been nothing but achievement, after achievement, after achievement."