Brit Hume, Senior political analyst for Fox News Channel spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the bombshell book by Bob Woodword. Hume commented on Woodward's conclusion that President Trump is the "Wrong Man For The Job". Hume said,

"what strikes me about this is if he is basing this his conclusions about Donald Trump's fitness for office on this book and what he discovered in his many interviews with the president, it seems to me that that may not be the right measuring stick. I mean, the president's been in office now, going on for years. He has quite an extensive record. And it has been a consequential presidency in the sense that a lot has happened under Trump's presidency. A lot has happened under his watch. He's done a lot of things. He's ignored a lot of things. And it seems to me he has a record that has to do with, you know, issues and actions and that if you're going to judge him, that should be the judgment. If you're judging his personality, I'm not sure that this book told us this is tell us very much about Trump that we didn't already know or should have known. I mean, we all knew that he was a bully. I mean, I've known since before he was elected that he has a tendency to exaggerate, that everything is always about him, that he's has trouble seeing past himself and and so on. On the other hand, he's got a long list of concrete achievements which you either find agreeable or not. And you've noticed this about the story of his presidency guy, has really been this has been the contrast between Trump's actions and policies and Trump's statements. He has a very defensible record on his actions. He has a much less defensible record on the things he says all the time. And if you do if you talk to Bob Woodward, as long as Trump did, you're going to have all kinds of juicy stuff to come out with. It's going to make him look self-centered and foolish in and filled with exaggeration and and and and look bad. But I think it's just as important to judge what's happened."

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