Ari Fleischer, Former WH Press Secretary and Fox News Contributor spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about his time as White House press secretary as the 9/11 attacks unfolded. Fleischer said,

"The biggest learning for me came a few years back as I started to increasingly just talk to more people who were there on 9/11, who, you know, when you're so busy, when you're at the White House, you have time to mess up and say, well, what do you remember from that day? And then let's talk about it. You just keep going forward. And Air Force pilot Colonel Tillman. He was the one who shared with me so many of the fascinating insider stories about taking off from Barksdale Air Force Base and all the threats that were pouring in to him and sniper at the end of the runway made him turn around and go the other direction on the runway. It turned out to be false. It wasn't a sniper. The stories of the fighters that were assembling around Air Force One. He was trying to get fighter protection for Air Force One. It was slow in developing the frustrations he had and getting the fighter package up. Lots of stories he shared about them, including one plane that was it rapidly approaching that it did not identify itself toward Air Force One, turned out to be a fighter escort. But there was a period of time where he did not know who was coming up hot on his tail."

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