Josh Kraushaar, Politics Editor at National Journal & Fox News Radio Political Analyst spoke with Fox News radio's Guy Benson about the state of the 2020 election. Josh broke down the latest battle ground polling in key swing states. saying,

"It means we've got ourselves a race and Trump got a bounce out of the convention. I think it's pretty, pretty undeniable. I mean, the poll all these polls were taken in the immediate aftermath of the Republican convention. So it shows sort of reflects the bounce that a lot of both the president and Republican Senate candidates may have gotten in some of these states. But, look, the good news for Joe Biden is that he's leading. And I believe all of the battlegrounds by now, you know, narrow margin, two in Michigan, a seven point margin. And the bad news is if he has a bad news cycle or he has a tough, tough stretch during the five tough debate coming up at the end of the month of that heat, the president within striking distance. And you can certainly see a scenario where the president is back in this race. An has a path to 270 Electoral College majority in the Senate, as you know Guy, is even more competitive. You know, when we talk about the political environment a month or two months ago that were much worse for not just Trump, Republican Senate candidates and Democrats looked like clear favorites to take back the majority. Now you're seeing Republicans and some of Republicans, people who like the Trump administration policy, may not like the president personally as much. They're coming home, but they're voting Republican in states like Iowa, Montana, North Carolina, even Arizona. The Arizona numbers, I mean, I know the fox bolstered Biden up by nine and McSally down by a huge margin. But every poll I've heard from both Republicans and Democrats in that state, any and even some of the public polls have shown that race much, much tighter in Arizona is very, very close, I think. So we're going to be going down to the wire just like we did in 2016."

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